Listen to Millions of Songs for FREE!

Rarely does a piece of software excite me as much as the one I am about to show you today. I am an absolute fan of music and some of my readers already know that. This blog in fact was among others based on the idea of bringing together all the music that is out there accessible for free. Never did I even imagine that thousands of people would end up visiting my blog, and that among many others, legally available free music is not only my, but a general concern all over the world.

Today, I am here to tell you about a little piece of software that takes my dream into the quantum level. The guys from Freemake launched a very cool little program called Freemake Music Box, freely downloadable. What Music Box does is in fact really simple. It searches legally available music available on the internet and then returns the results as songs ready to be played and organized into playlists. Forget YouTube, iTunes and many other playlists. Now you can have all the music you need and want only one click away. It also works very well. I searched for artists like Michael W. Smith, The Gaither Vocal Band, Celtic Thunder or my new favorite Lindsey Stirling. Mind you, these are artists that are way less-known than Lady Gaga or Robbie Williams. Still, within a couple of seconds all the available songs are there for you to listen to. Now isn’t that great?

Freemake Music Box main features (as described on Freemake Music Box website):

Free to Everybody: Find, listen and organize your favorite online music, for free, no matter in what country you are based. No registration required.

Powerful Music Search: Search for an exact music song you want to enjoy. No matter what you put in search, Freemake Music Box will deliver you the best results.

Universal Music Tool: Freemake Music Box removes the need to think where and how to get free online music. Search, filter, organize and listen to all your favorite free music in one place.

Playlists Import & Creation: Build up and save playlists for your music collections. Import your existing playlists from other music players: Winamp, AIMP, Windows Media Player, VLC, etc.

Inbuilt Music Player: Loop, pause, stop, fast forward an audio track. Integrated player gives you more control over songs playback.

Music Filtration: Filter all your music findings by album, artists, song title.

Legal Music Only: Freemake Music Box indexes music that has been legally posted on the Internet, so you won’t get into trouble.

Music From any Source: Needn’t doubt if you have this song on PC or not, just put it in search! Freemake Music Box picks up the best source for playback: via your media library, plugged-in player or Internet.


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