FREE Books for Learning Web Development & Design

Have you been to a book-shop lately? Have you browsed Amazon lately? I have. With the odd exception, most books are ridiculously overpriced and unworthy of any sane person’s attention. I guess now you know why buying a book is a very rare occasion for me. Still, that does not mean, I do not read. On the contrary. I read for free, and I only read what’s really worth reading. Because I mentioned in several previous articles my sources, I am going to offer something slightly different today, namely a list of books, which otherwise would be very, and I mean VERY hard to find. Also, these books are Web Development and Design related, so the list is mostly for people who already are in this profession, or are interested in it.

Without further ado … 15 free books for web designers and web developers. Enjoy! 😉

Meet Your Type: a field guide to love and typography

Web Style Guide 3

A Manifesto for Meaningful Design

20 Things I Learned about Browsers and the Web

Taking Your Talent to the Web

Designing for the Web

Getting Real: the smarter, faster, easier way to build a successful web application

Principles of Web Design

Head First HTML & CSS with XHTML

Essential JavaScript and jQuery Design Patterns for Beginners


A Dialect of our own Design

How to be Creative

Design Your Imagination

Introduction to Good Usability


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