Should You Get a Nexus 7 or an iPad Mini?

This blog is, as probably you got used to by now, about how to save money, which is why the title you’re seeing, might be shocking, or at least, intriguing. Seeing iPad compared to Google’s new Nexus 7 is something that might be obvious to you: the cheaper and better choice is the Nexus. But… hold your horses for a second.

In the (very short) meanwhile things radically changed, and by things I am referring to the Nexus 7 prices dropping (the 16GB version is now at £169) right before launching the 32 GB version, which makes the entire article now pretty much moot, since beside the rear camera and an extra 1.9″ on the iPad Mini, there’s pretty much nothing that would justify the extra £69 or £100, alongside a lower spec processor, the hassle of iTunes and other Apple related nuisances.

I was, and still am a sort of anti-Apple silent passive-activist. I just always found too many reasons not to get anything from Apple. Mostly because of a ridiculously high price. Have you seen the new iPhone 5? In the UK it costs £529. Now that’s the price of a nice new shiny and quite powerful DELL Inspiron laptop! See my point? Apple products tend to be ridiculously overpriced. However, and now comes the shocking part, the new iPad Mini beats pretty much every shocking price that Apple announced until now for any of their products. This one is actually quite cheap.  In fact, it is so cheap, that it is literally forcing me to compare it with Google’s new Nexus 7, built by Asus.

I am not going to write a review on any of them. This article is by no means a review. This is about pointing out the maybe not so obvious details that you should actually take into account when deciding for any of the 2 tablets. Let’s start with the Nexus. The reviews are generally good, and friends of mine who own Nexus 7 tablets are over the moon. It runs smoothly, it has a quad-core processor (1.3), a new and reimagined + improved Android OS, a 7″ screen with 1 GB of ram and 16GB of storage space, 1 front-facing camera of 1.2 Mpx. All that powered by with a battery that lasts 7-8 hours. Imagined and designed by Google, built by Asus. All for the  price of £199 in the UK.

Sounds great until you see the new iPad Mini…

Now the new iPad mini is so new that reviews are hardly any to go on, but going by the reputation of Apple iPad and iPad2, I’m quite confident that people will indeed write good reviews on it. The iPad Mini in comparison with the Nexus 7, uses only a dual-core processor (1.0) with unspecified (at this point in time) amount of RAM, a 7.9″ screen, 16GB of storage space, a face-time 1.2 Mpx camera and another 5Mpx camera on the back. All this powered by a battery that last 10 hours. It is imagined, designed and built by Apple – obviously. All for the price of £269 in the UK.

Now you might say, the iPad Mini is already more expensive so the obvious choice is the Nexus. But, again, hold your horses for a second. The Nexus might not be the best choice. Let’s see what you get for that plus £70 on the iPad Mini. First of all, there’s the extra 0.9″ screen real-estate. Can be important. Then an extra 2 hours of battery time. Then an extra 5Mpx camera. Plus… and it hurts to admit, but I will, a very nice design. I am by no means implying that the Nexus 7 does not have a nice design, but if Apple does something really well, then that is design, and the iPad Mini has it. So, the only real drawback would be the dual-core cpu compared to the Nexus that has a quad-core cpu. In all fairness though – as my dear colleague said – if all the applications work well with a dual-core cpu then what’s the point of having a quad-core cpu. He sort of hit the nail on the head with that one, especially since nowadays we tend to change gadgets at least every 2-3 years.

Then what maybe some would see as drawbacks on the iPad Mini is the screen resolution which on the Nexus is a bit higher than on the iPad Mini. Another one is iTunes and syncing your music and movies all the time. But, you have to be nitpicky to actually take these into account. In reality people don’t really see the difference between two slightly different resolution screens and if they really want to they’ll get used to syncing stuff as well, compared to just copy-pasting, although I have to admit that’s one of the things I really hate about Apple.

Which one to get? Erm… don’t ask me that. Don’t ask anyone that question. It’s really not a question that can be objectively answered. Get the one you like or feel more comfortable using, just don’t feel bad about buying an Apple gadget, because this time, you’re actually not overpaying. Or, go for the Nexus 7. People love it just as much as other people love iPads. The choice is yours, it’s just that now it’s not that obvious any more. 😉


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