MoQuo – The Movies Quotes

One thing about really good movies, or really bad ones too – at least once in a while – that they sort of leave behind some wisdom through the script. Be it the “Sunday, Monday…” quote from The Godfather or just another Woody Allen concoction on the spot, it still gives you the feeling of being a little wiser after watching a 2 hour movie. In other words, you weren’t a couch potato for nothing.

Now, MoQuo is one if those new Facebook pages that keep invading our walls constantly, but to be quite honest, this one is is gorgeously done. It’s not just another still from a movie with some text on it. The quotes are fantastic, very well-chosen and the template that is used to deliver the quotes to your wall, is just beautiful. It does not at the moment have very many followers, from what I gathered it’s very new, but go ahead, check it out, show some love if you wish with a like or a follow. I am sure you’ll enjoy MoQuo at least as much as you enjoyed the movies the quotes refer to.


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