About Bitbits


Yeah… I mean really, what on Earth is Bitbits? Well, it’s quite simple really. It’s bits of bits. Virtual data is made up of a humongous number of zeros and ones, which are actually called bits. This blog (hopefully a full-fledged portal in the future) is basically going to keep you up to date with bits of data available to you for FREE! Music, movies, books and lots of other interesting stuff, you so often end up not having or downloading illegally, just because it takes way too much time to find it.

Why am I doing this? Well, we all love free stuff, right? I mean, I’m pretty sure there are next to none people on this God-forsaken planet, that don’t like getting stuff for free, so there you go, I’m going to do my best to offer you all sorts of LEGAL ways to get it. Yes! I hate to see you people rotting in jail, or paying enormous fines for downloading stuff from the Internet. I also know how hard it is for most of you to find real free downloads.

Now, on a more philosophical note, Bitbits also comes as a personal effort to support the “resource based economy” in the virtual world of ones and zeros. As strange as it may seem, this World was not meant to revolve around money and monetary values. Can an entire civilization exist without money? It can, but the steps for achieving such a mental state are small and far from easy. Thus Bitbits tries to offer an alternative to an expensive online presence, introducing from extremely cheap to absolutely free options by featuring articles, ideas and most importantly loads and loads of links to free legal downloads.

Milestone calendar:

  1. 26th of February 2012 – WordPress hosted beta launch. Content-wise obviously still relatively poor, based mostly on archived information collected throughout the last few years. Notable exceptions: Daz Giveaway, Dishonored Lady and Inbound Marketing Kit. Design and layout in some aspects basic and strictly link-based.
  2. 11th of September 2012 – (Probably) still WordPress hosted final version 1 launch. Much richer content, design and layout limitations fixed/improved/eliminated.
  3. July 2013 – Based upon the amount of user interaction, number of fans and success, a possible v.2 will be launched, this time self-hosted on a .com domain. Design and layout changes will almost certainy occur, transforming the presently tech-blog feel into a fully functional portal experience. Content-wise Bitbits will maintain its primary focus: free internet resources.

You can also, obviously chip in, with ideas, things you know are for free and are as well legal downloads or streams by filling in the form below:

*If you have a website, please mention that, so I can also link back to you [free advertisement has never hurt anyone], however, that is optional and you can keep your anonymity.


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