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You use them all the time, every day, basically applications are like oxygen to computer, laptop, smartphone and tablet users. Any machine without software is just a huge pile of metal, plastic and other materials. Operating Systems, huge and complex applications, but also small and cute ones, will all find a place here. Of course, I mean the free ones. You might be skeptical, so was I, but it has been proven several times that you can use any IT related machine, without even touching a software that costs money. Nada! You can have a computer and do anything with it, be 100% legal, and still not pay a penny. There are hundreds and thousands of free applications, and even those that usually cost a lot of money can and are often really cheap or absolutely free! That list starts right here!

Legend: O = Offer ; F = Freeware

O F Item title:
Daz 3D for FREE!
When Winamp suddenly goes mute …
3ds Max, Autocad, Maya …
Ubuntu – Linux for human beings
 ✓ Acid Xpress 7.0 for FREE!
 ✓ Freemake – the Almighty Downloader
 ✓ Photoscape – FREE & Easy Photo Editing
 ✓ Free PDF to Epub! (and many more)
 ✓ Free 3D rendering: Blender
 ✓ Kompozer: a FREE alternative to Dreamweaver
 ✓ The Daz Studio Pro Freebies are Still On!
 ✓ Free Web Hosting!
 ✓ CardWorks aka Free Business Card Software
 ✓ Stop Those Annoying Ads NOW!
 ✓ Free* Book Publishing Service!
 ✓ 40+ Gigabytes of Free Space!
 ✓ Mininova: the Hub of Legal Torrents
 ✓ Free Microsoft Office Alternatives!
 ✓ Google Drive, and its 5 Free Gigs!

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